Welcome to the Caledonian Society of Sweden!

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Established in November 1975 by Mr. Gordon Elliot, Mr. Alan Logan, Mr. Dugald Murdoch, Mr. William M. Pardon and Mrs. Brita Pardon, The Caledonian Society of Sweden was founded with the goal of promotion and preservation of the unique and exciting culture of Scotland.

The aim of the Society is to celebrate Scotland and things Scottish; to foster an interest in Scotland and things Scottish within Sweden; to promote friendly and cultural relations between Scotland and Sweden; to promote the learnings and practices of the Scottish arts and to arrange social gatherings in furtherance of these aims.

In addition to its Annual General Meeting, the Caledonian Society holds the annual Burns Supper in January to celebrate the Scottish National Bard Robert Burns, and in co-ordination with the Swedish/British Society a St. Andrews Ball is held in November, celebrating St. Andrew, the Patron Saint of Scotland. For families, a Halloween Party is held around the end of October. Halloween (All Hallowed Evening) is an ancient Celtic custom that is now celebrated as a Christian festival of the dead, All Saints Day.

Scots have made a great impact on everyday life. Examples of the accomplishments of forward thinking Scots are Alexander Graham Bell's telephone, Kirkpatrick MacMillan's bicycle, John Logie Baird's television, the discovery of penicillin by Alexander Fleming, and chloroform developed by James Young Simpson. And, of course, there's Scotch Whisky...